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Hi, I'm Cat Valdes and I want to tell you a little bit about how Summoners Con came to be. In 2010, back when I lived in San Francisco, I worked for a startup called Dailybooth. New to the city, I did not have a ton of friends, but the few friends I did have were always playing this game they referred to as "LoL".

I had never considered myself a gamer and wasn't really interested in the game, but all of that changed when I found out there was a champion in the game with my name, "Kat". That was enough to pique my interest so I decided to play. Instantly I was hooked - began to constantly play, watch streams and talk about it everywhere online. On my YouTube channel, Catrific, I began to talk about League all the time, even though the majority of my viewers are not players.

As I dove more and more into the world of League began attending tournaments & events like IPL, MLG, PAX, and Gamescom. Events are really special to me because they give me an opportunity to feel like I belong. I was surrounded by like minded people and it didn't even matter if I knew the person sitting next to me in the crowd. We were there for the same reasons: cheering on our favorite team and being excited about the game we love.

But as big as these events are they lack a focus on League, more community contributions, and interactions between the pro players in the scene and the casual players. That realization pushed me to just make my own event, so I hit my up my friend Kevin Khandjian, who specializes in creating large events, to ask if he would be willing to work with me on a League Convention and he loved the idea.

So now Summoners Con has been created and it's all about the community. I know how passionate the community is, and how meaningful coming together with friends and strangers with the same excitement for a game can be.

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